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About Bitcoin

Everything you need to know

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin? A bitcoin is a digital coin which you can use to purchase things online. There is no middle man (such as a bank) when it comes to using bitcoin to purchase goods, which means that money is transferred directly from person to person (or through what is known as a peer to peer market called blockchain), or from a person to an institution, such as when playing at a casino online (that’s us!)!

Your bitcoins are kept in your ewallet (electronic or digital wallet), or on your mobile device, and you can use them to play your favourite casino games.

The benefits of playing casino games using Bitcoin

  • There’s no middle man, which means lower transaction fee
  • Bitcoin can be used all over the globe
  • Your bitcoin account cannot be frozen
  • All transactions are pseudonymous - meaning you can create multiple usernames and passwords
  • Sending bitcoins is incredibly fast and super simple
  • You can buy anything using bitcoin, including purchasing bitcoins to be used to play at online casinos
  • All transactions are completely safe and secure

Bitcoin is safe to use at online casinos

Bitcoin uses secure cryptography to ensure that each and every transaction is completely safe. The cryptography used in Bitcoin blockchains is protected by 256-bit SHA hash functions, the same security used by international banks, the military, and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs).

Bitcoin allows for fast transactions, no matter where you are in the world

Not only are your transactions super safe, they’re super speedy, too. No matter which country you are playing in, when you play casino games online with bitcoin, you’ll be able to do so almost immediately.

Bitcoin has low (or no) fees

Transactional fees are never fun, and Bitcoin eliminates you needing to pay potentially high banking fees.

No personal information is transferred or required when using Bitcoin

You are not required to share any sensitive information when using Bitcoin. In fact, you can complete payments without revealing your identity. This is because Bitcoin transitions are pseudonymous, which means that you can have multiple blockchain addresses with multiple usernames and passwords.

How to use get started with Bitcoin

Step 1: choose your ewallet

You will need a place to keep your Bitcoins. Ewallets are a super convenient choice. You can use trusted names such as Coinjar or Sparecoins.

Step 2: buy your bitcoins

There are a variety of sites where you can buy Bitcoin from, including Bitstamp and Coinbase.

Step 3: start playing

You can now use your bitcoins to play your favourite crypto games at Lucky Fox!

What other cryptocurrencies are available at Lucky Fox?

If you’d prefer to use a different cryptocurrency, you are welcome to choose between the following: Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin and Tether. You can take a look at our full list of payment methods here . Once you’ve decided on a method, pick the game of your choice and play now!

Any questions?

If you still have any questions, please write to us – we’d be happy to help.


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